Dr. John Meis presents: The One Thing "Lessons From the Elite Mastermind" 7 Disc CD Series with Transcripts

If you were to take all you've learned in the years of practice and you were to distill it down to the one thing, the most important thing that has led to your success, what would it be?

Members of the Elite Mastermind were challenged with this question. What resulted were conversations about dental practice mountains climbed  and  dragons  slain.  Lessons learned, mostly the hard way by some of America's most productive dental practices.   
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The Four Profit Depleting Failures of the Dental CEO Webinar with Transcripts.

Join Dr. John Meis as he shares valuable tips on how to avoid some of the most commonly made “mistakes” that are sure to deplete your profits. You will also receive a complimentary Breakthrough Conversation with your purchase. This call will focus your attention on the key practice issues that will lead you to practice growth, a greater sense of confidence, and more personal happiness.

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Getting these ideas has been a fabulous experience. Everything from sedation to practice management, to team management…the wealth of ideas has been incredible.

Dr. Tom Peltzer

It’s been a wonderful journey. I can’t put a value on the connections I’ve made.

Dr. David Gage